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When it comes to upholstery cleaning one should be careful to choose who they employ. Angloclean Upholstery Cleaning Tewkesbury is an upholstery cleaning company in Tewkesbury.

Most carpet cleaners prefer cleaning carpets to upholstery. Upholstery cleaning can be tricky, takes longer and is also very tiresome, not as easy as carpets. Experienced carpet cleaners in Tewkesbury are not automatically an experienced upholstery cleaner. One has to be a carpet cleaner to appreciate this.

The surface of furniture is not flat like carpeting. The technician has to cope with all sorts of shapes and contours. These are the very areas like the arm rest, head rest, kick board and skirting that get very soiled and need a very good clean with the least amount of wetting! Angloclean Upholstery Cleaning Tewkesbury is based in Tewkesbury and are professionals.

Also, due to the fact that soft furnishing is filled with foam, feather or even horse hair, great care has to be taken to minimise the wetting while maintaining the efficiency. Upholstery material can vary as well.

The above reasons make it necessary for the technician to be experienced in upholstery cleaning. We offer solutions to the Tewkesbury area although we aren’t only upholstery cleaners in Tewkesbury, we also offer carpet cleaning.

Angloclean Upholstery Cleaning Tewkesbury  use HydraMaster’s Dri Master special upholstery cleaning tool which is based on a jetless cleaning technology. It is the best upholstery tool available we have come across. Delivers greater efficiency and very fast drying times.

You’ll be amazed with the results.

A normal 3 piece suite can take anything 3 hours to clean, and 2-4 hours to dry. As mentioned earlier, we are an experienced team, some have been cleaning since 1989, you can rest assured, your furniture will be in good hands.

Angloclean Upholstery Cleaning Tewkesbury cleans nearly ever kind of upholstery including most types of leather.

The best way to keep your new or just cleaned furniture clean for a longer time is by protecting them with Scotchgard or Dupont Teflon fabric protectors. These applications can help remove the staining that can occur due to accidental spillages of food and drinks.

We have certifications from:

The WoolSafe Organisation UK

IICRC  ( Institution Of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification) an international institution

TACCA  ( The Approved Carpet Cleaners Association, UK )

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Try our service once, you will not regret it.

Our superb upholstery cleaning service is second to none and is backed up by our Unique Guarantee

Please call AngloClean Upholstery Cleaning Tewkesbury so you can be sure of getting the best upholstery  cleaning service.

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