Two Kinds of Carpet Cleaning Techniques in Gloucester

This blog focuses specifically on carpet cleaning services in Gloucester, here we are looking at two types of carpet cleaning techniques one is the dry technique.
There are quite a few Gloucester carpet cleaning agencies that avail this method it comprises of the application of certain non-toxic chemicals along with very little water on the carpets. The combination of the chemicals and the water causes an effervescence of bubbles that stay on the carpet and gradually sink into the fibers. The bubbled carbonation pulls out the dirt, grime and other muck and stains in the carpet after which the bubbles are vacuumed off from the carpet. The advantage of this type of carpet cleaning is that since very little water is utilized the drying of carpets will be quicker.

The second method that some of the Gloucester carpet cleaning services do is the hot water extraction technique, better known as the steam cleaning method. However this technique utilizes practically boiling water and not steam to which certain cleaning chemical substances are added and spread on the carpet. The hot water-chemical solution is then vacuumed with extremely powerful vacuum cleaners. The one probable downside of this technique is that as more water is used for cleaning the carpet, the carpet takes a far longer time to dry and if the carpet cleaning firm in Gloucester does not handle this technique well, it could in all probability damage your expensive carpet.

There are people who support both methods and have their own reasons for the same. So if you happen to require a carpet cleaner, do get all the details from them before they are hired.

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